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    surprised on the amount of fuel being used i had a home in se pa 1975 vintage with residing with foam insulation
    under vinal and still had the terrible al windows and storm windows  1600 sq ft corner house i burned 400 to 500 gallons of oil and 90% of the house was warm 1 bed was cool neighbor had heat pump always cold the next owner put oil heat in peco used to discount electric for all electric homes not any more.i did have a fireplace burned about a cord a season mostly scrounged after storms
    i live in fl now but we do get some cold days and we have a electric strip in the air handler spins the meter
    and cost more tha a/c in the hot months i stopped using the central heat bought small heaters no big bill and heating the area needed works great and sometimes leaving heat on a lower setting is better than shutting completely off as it takes full blast to get a ice cold to to tolarable and a mix if you can do might be a good move