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    As with many, I'm glad I stumbled on this thread. We got our propane bill for this month and its over $550! With twin babies we can't just bundle up when it gets chilly anymore. We run a water heater and furnace on propane and just ordered an electric tankless water heater. Now looking to swap out the furnace for electric. I wish we could get natural gas but its not an option out here in the country. We just paid $2.94 a gallon, leased tank as well. Just not worth it considering this is just the beginning of our REALLY cold season. Hopefully we can switch to solar in the next few years! I'd be interested to know if anyone else in CA has switched to an electric.

    i.  I live in the high desert of the Antelope Valley and i went solar in 2014 the only thing left in my house that uses propane is my hot water heater and my furnance to heat my home. We have had a mild winter this year but still got cold i just got done getting propanon March 09, 2016 And i got 136 gallons in my 250 gallon tank they only fill to 80% so anyway for that i have a bill due of $700.00 ?? Can not beleive it $3.75 a gallon i know we are being priced gouged being over charged? Such BS i am a disabed person who lives on a fixed income so it means either stay warm or eat? Who out there can tell me where to fine a good deal on a electric heater for my 2700 sf house and is a on demaned electric hot water heater work ok? Thank you ,, Jim