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    Hello….I was in upper management in the propane industry for over 30 years, for both large domestic propane companies and for natural gas utilities, and have just a few comments. Propane heat, like natural gas heat, is far warmer coming out of the duct than electric can ever be. A heat pump in any climates north of, say, North Carolina, will only provide a home heat that is always chilly, and also quite expensive – on the range of $400-600 per month in a peak winter month. Propane will provide much more pleasant heat, but it is not cheap. With propane approaching $2.50-2.75 per gallon, and the average house in the north using 200-300 gallons in a peak month, the charges can actually exceed electric. Natural gas is by far the most comfortable and the least expensive, but is not available in all areas unless there is an existing distribution system in the area fed by a not-too-distant high pressure transmission line. The best suggestion, whether propane or natural gas, is to us a hybrid system……use the gas in the months when the temperature drops below 42-45 degrees, and use the heat pump for all other days, including for the cooling, for which it is really designed and unmatched. Finally, if one has the funds, getting the most up-to-date and efficient gas furnace and heat pump will be expensive, but will certainly pay for itself in 6-10 year of savings in fuel costs…..of both fuels. And, with the current federal tax credits and the various manufacturers rebates, this could be the best time to make the move.