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Re: Re: Favorite Frugal Decorating Tip


    I shop at thrift stores to find items for my home, but my favorite decorating tip is to look for fabrics at the thrift stores in places you wouldn’t think of.  I will use a beautiful(but out of style) skirt to make a pair of curtains or a pillow, or a tablecloth for a small round table (with a contrasting fabric for the top).  I’ve made pillows from shirts, it actually adds designer detail to have buttons running down the front, and a button up pillow allows you to wash the cover if there is a spill.  I always go to the thrift store before I hit the fabric stores for large pieces of fabric for curtains or tableclothes.  I constantly find beautiful sheets or blankets, or even actual curtains that I redesign to make my own desired curtains.  I have also used curtains to make slipcovers for couches, chairs, and dining room chairs.  The heavy curtains make great durable fabric for slip covers.  And you can use grippy shelf liner or rug holder under your slip cover to keep it from sliding around.  I always try to look at the item as a piece of fabric instead of a shirt or a skirt.  I just love the idea of redesign since it saves money, is creative and recycles.