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Re: Re: fear of snakes


    Someone told me to get a cat. According to this person, a lot of times, snakes eat the same things as cats — bugs, rodents, lizards, birds, etc. If a cat is around the area snacking on those things, there won’t be as much food for the snakes and they will slither off to better hunting grounds.

    There’s also some kind of snake repellent you can buy at gardening stores. Its supposedly a powder that you sprinkle in your flower beds. I think it may be called Snake Rid, or something like that.

    And, again, before you weed your garden or rake the leaves, its a good idea to poke a rake or broom into the brush and rattle it around. That should give the snake notice you’re there; supposedly, snakes don’t like encountering us any more than we like encountering them. Wait a couple of minutes before you start gardening so the snake has a chance to make his escape.

    And, not to scare you, but if it is a rattlesnake, it can still strike you some time after its dead. Be cautious in handling a dead or alive rattler. If you are ever bit, go to the hospital emergency room right away.

    Hope this helps!