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    HI there, I have owned a grooming salon for almost 11 years now so I know a little about fleas. 
    I am not big on using chemicals in life except in one area: using Frontline on my pets.  Having fleas means having worms.  It's an absolute fact.  The cat/dog eats the fleas when biting at them, the fleas have the worms inside and they get in your pet.  When your pet sits on your furniture you have worm eggs on your furniture, floor, bedding, etc.  The droppings also fall off the pet onto your household items.  When a child places their hand on these things and then in their mouth you  now have a kid with worms. 
    There is a frugal way of using frontline…..I hope I don't get into trouble so I will only tell you some of it, the rest you can find out from a seller on ebay.  Once you buy the kit on ebay you can save the equipment and refill with Frontline from your local vet.
    I buy the biggest Frontline pack possible for a dog.  It lasts me for 6 doses and breaks down to 2.25 per month per animal.  I used the dog ampules on my cats for several years now.  There is one product left out of the dog kind so your cat is not harmed, you might hurt the dog if you use cat Frontline on it but not vice versa.
    Do not waste your time buying the junk at chain stores, none of it is effective.  My customers and I have tried everything and Frontline or others like it are the only flea products that work. 
    I am really sorry your cat is so sick, I hope it made it.  I also hope someone can use my advice.