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    We began our gift drawers when we decided that not all gifts we received were meant for us.  After all, how many times do you go to somebody’s house and look for the gift you gave them?  It’s great to be able to give a special gift without having the cost.

    We also did a drawer that we called the Watkins General Store.  It was in our bedroom which was not open to our son for play … but when it was time for him to shop with earned money from chores, we would make a big deal about going to the Watkins General Store.  I would get everything out and line it up on the bed and dresser and play the “store clerk” while our son came to shop with his Dad.

    It was great fun and being able to buy things that we knew he would really like at a great price, it made his chore money go a much longer way.  Brings back sweet memories for us all now that he’s 27