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Re: Re: Hand lotion


    Vaseline retains mositure.  It does not work like hand creame.  So if you put it on your hands wear COTTON gloves or socks, only.  Do it at night when you sleep and you shoud have very soft hands in the morning.  If you put it on your face it shines so you can only use it when you aren’t going out or have company unless you don’t mind the look.

    Drink water or eat foods rich in water to ensure you have enough liquid in your body.  They say drink 8 glasses of water a day but that is for big and tall people.  If you are tiny ask your Doctor how much you need.  You can die from drinking too much water so be careful.  
    Also stay out of the wind and wear a Hat when it is cold.  Add Moisture to the air when heating your home to prevent some of your dry skin.