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    I have a preference to Queen Helene’s Cocoa Butter.  I get mine at Family Dollar for $2 or so, but I’ve also found other brands at dollar stores.  Just a hint though, make sure you smell them first and make sure it is mostly cocoa butter and not just some added.  It should have a creamy nutty smell, you know, like tanning oil.  

    Cocoa butter has natural ingredients to help prevent wrinkles, stretch marks (for those who are pregnant).  I’ve

    I use Queen Helene’s for face, hands, feet and body.  I’ve even been known to use it as hair moisturizer during the winter.  Just  apply a dab to hair and scalp, leave in for a few hours or overnight (cover your head so you don’t get your pillow and bedding greasy) and shampoo and condition.