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Re: Re: Holiday Gift Exchange??


    If you are all on the net check out those free ecard sites. ÝEveryone could send each other an ecard. ÝYou could also buy 1 can of food each and donate it in a bag or bags to charity depending how many there are in your group. ÝThen I would give the bag after Christmas to a local food bank. (People tend to forget the hungry after the holidays.)

    If you want your own gift then use the same idea but instead give them a list of several types of canned food each of you eat. ÝCandy and things like toothpaste can be substituted for the canned food. Ý Ý

    In college we could only spend $1.00 so everyone bought lifesaver gift boxes and the like. ÝInstead of buying something people might not like for your white elephant exchange the above ideas could work. ÝEspecially if you don’t want to give everyone a list and have them buy something for everyone.  Have your friends draw names and use that persons list to buy something small.