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Re: Re: Holiday Gift Exchange??


    Great ideas.  ::)
    Here is another one:   :D
    Another suggestion is to bring/exchange your favorite recipe.  

    Again depending on the money situation, you can decide.

    I have given to couples my favorite cake recipe in large canning jars, all they had to do was add the liquid ingredients.  I attached a card with the directions on it.  You could do cookies, brownies, etc.  I also make an assortment of jams and jellies throughout the year ñ so I might include whatever my specialty of the year is (or what I know they might like).  Sometimes I get requestsÖÖ..have you made this kind (flavor) yet, etc.

    I have even received in a basket from a friend ñ her favorite soup mix in dry form and I added the liquid with the directions, crackers, mints, and a desert box of pies.

    My husband creates lots of seasonings or sauces when he grills and always gets requests ñ how does he do it, etcÖÖ.

    I think you get the idea ñ you can be creative.  J  Use what you already have or are doing that others donít do and it will be a hit and appreciated.
    Good luck. Let me know what you decide to do!