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    I live in town and would like to get info on composting. Can anyone explain it to me and help me get started?? ???

    The easiest way is to start small and simple – I did my first compost this year and its doing great.  Take a rubbermaid garbage bucket and poke holes in the bottom and the lid.  Then tear up some newspapers or paper grocery bag and add some fallen leaves – these will be your “browns”, then add grass clippings, veggie peels – whatever – I have added coffee grounds, apple peels, banana peels, watermelon rinds etc.  Add a little dirt you have on hand, a bit of water but don’t make it too mucky.  Mix it up, put the cover on and let it sit for about 2 weeks, then mix whenever you add something.

    THe main thing is no meat – you don’t want to attract raccoons, mice, etc and you don’t want it to go rancid.

    That’s it – fairly easy and then as you get more comfortable you can go bigger but there’s really no need to buy those expensive compost containers.