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    I read this method of training in a book from the humane society about 20 years ago and used it on the last puppy that I had.  It worked beautifully.  I started when she was 6 weeks old and she was completely housebroken in 3 weeks.  I owned her for over ten years and she only had 2 accidents in the house after that.   I have had many dogs in my life and this was the easiest and most effective housebreaking method I have ever tried.  If and when I get another dog I plan to do it just the same way.

    Puppies (and Kittens) as young as yours do not have total control of their bowels and bladder yet.  Usually they have to “go”within minutes after they eat.   You use this to your advantage.
    Instead of putting down food for them to eat at will, you put them on a feeding schedule.
    As soon as they finish a meal, you grab them up and run outside with them and put them where you want them to go.  When they poop on the grass you act like they have just presented you with the crown jewels, patting and kissing and telling them how wonderful they are.
    If they have an accident in the house you indicate that you are displeased by scolding them.
    For overnight you put them in a box or cage with bedding and toys.  Because they have a natural instinct not to foul their own bed, they will try to hold it in as long as possible.  (Actually I used the bathroom because my last puppy was half St. Bernard.  My little bathroom was just right to be her bedroom.)  In the morning when you get up the first thing you do has to be grab the puppies and run out to “their bathroom.”  If they use the bathroom you go through your praise routine.
    Stick with this regimen and before you know it there will be no “accidents” to clean up.  You and your dogs can share a peaceful and pleasant coexistence.