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Re: Re: How to get rid of mice


    I believe in the ‘live catch’ mice traps and relocating them across a river or 3 miles away. Putting cornmeal into cement sounds as if this is a horrible way to kill part of nature. Plug up your holes inside and outside the house. Put up steel flashings around your roof or under your vinyl siding. Mice cannot climb on something slippery. Do as apartment dwellers do, but edibles in glass or plastic container. Wipe down your kitchen every night after putting away all edibles, especially peanut butter and chocolate and then take the household trash outside and place into a tight lidded garbage can.. If you have just handled food, wash your hands before opening drawers or paying your bills. Mice have a great sense of smell. Mice are attarcted to the ‘urine trail’ of other mice which are yellowish in color depending on the surface. These trails need to be washed down with soap and water.