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Re: Re: How to meet other frugal people?


    While I cannot agree with the Janet Luhrs recommendation (she is VERY VERY preachy and EXTREMELY limited in her “acceptable” paths, and she repeatedly offers contradictory advice) I agree with most everything else that Lesley says. One point that took a while for me to realize was that I need not be ashamed of being frugal (or as I prefer a “conserver” rather than “consumer:), rather I could be quite proud of it. When my less frugal associates would try to rib me about it, I’d make some healthy comparison such as pointing out that our cars look essentially the same age, but I paid a fraction of what they did, or that rather than having to work 50 hours a week to afford that new suit, I chose to work 20 hours a week and travel instead. Find your own way to be proud of being who you are. Not only is this good for your own self image and confidence, which both help in finding a partner, but in being proud and unashamed to talk about your own life, including the frugality of it, you might just find out that others you already know, or those just one step away from those you know share that trait. I consider all of the ribbing I catch from friends, especially at parties or in public, to be free advertising for me. Those who would laugh at that characteristic are not the ones I am interested in so I could not care less what they think.

    Good luck and have fun!