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Re: Re: How to meet other frugal people?


    To DPB65GLAS:

    Maybe this is more a word of encouragement than anything
    else, but when I met my future husband, he told me very
    simple and very straight forward “I’m a bargain shopper.
    I have what I own by working for it. I’m thankful for
    everything I have and everything I am given.” He was honest. Just like “Forrest Gump” he did what he had to do,
    worked when he had to work, cleaned when he had to clean
    and shopped to get the most from his hard earned cash.
    There really is no argument to that way of living. I
    admit, there were women that could not deal with this and
    tended to want to spoiling that some men could give. I
    fell in love with the person. Even though I worked and
    was able to afford more extras, I still learned his ways.
    Now, we’re married, we have two houses, no debt other than
    mortgage, our daughter and us are happy and healthy. There
    is nothing more I can think of that I would want and
    certainly nothing that I can think of that God would take
    me home with other than the love I hold inside of me for
    Him and my family. And you have no idea how many times my
    friends have asked if he has any brothers. All the single
    ones want to know where they can find one just like him!  

    My point is – Don’t be afraid to be straight-up and honest
    right off the bat. Giving of yourself is far more valuable
    than possessions and trinkets. Take care.