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    Hi- I'm new to the forum and it is difficult to meet like minded people, what ever it is your mind likes. People do think we frugallers are 'tight wads' so let them – most of the people I meet are not rich and can not waste money, when they see what I do, they're interested. I've had a stream of people visit to see my wood burning stove (and I live in a town not the country) and people who want recipes for my home cooking – frugal people are uncomplicated and people like that, frugal people are enviromentally aware and people like that too – my husband and I make friends through repeated activities from the allotments, from the weekly recyling trips and from car boot sales and jumble sales where we buy plants and seedlings – we make friends from dog walking and talking to our neighbours whilst we're out walking. Your time will come and you may meet someone unfrugal and lure them into a simpler life, like my husband did to me – I met a poor man who was infinitely resourceful, who makes birthday cards for me and plants bulbs in little pots for me to have hyacinths at christmas – he spends next to no money at all and seduced me with his charms and money had nothing to do with it.