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    i have a 2008 honda civic hybrid. the first 5000 i kept track of the gal and miles and got 47.3 (by calculation). at the time, i drove abt 60% on 2 lane hwy, 20% in town, and 20% interstate.
    MPG is best at speeds below 65. on interstates at 70 the instantenous milage indicator indicates abt 42.
    my current millage is 55000. mine just assist with the electric. i have had it go total electric at abt 40 mph on level ground for abt 1/2 mile.
    you loose a small area behind the back seat where the battery pack is located. i believe they total abt 170V and operate a motor/gen located abt where a clutch would be on anyother car. there is a 12v under the hood that is used for the acc. the engine has a alt on it to operate the lights etc.
    the viehicle starts using the motor/gen.
    when u stop and have it in gear and have ur foot on the brake, and the battery pack is not low, the engine has no gasoline supplied and the valves are put in a closed position (i think) but is keep running by the motor. that keeps water circulating for u and the engine. also keeps the a/c operating.
    i like the car. plenty of acceleration because it uses both gas and elec to accelerate. brakes are assisted by the motor turning to a gen. somewhere around 5mph while stopping, the gen cuts out and u have to apply a little more brake. in short, u can feel a little lunge.