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Re: Re: Ideas for Grandmas


    My daughter (3) came home from school with Magical Christmas dust.  “This Christmas Evesprinkle the Magical Christmas Dust on your lawn/  The glitter will sparkle in the moon light and help Santa find your house.  The smell of the oats will guide the reindeer.”  It’s nothing more than oatmeal and glitter in a bag with the note attached.  She combined the glitter and oats.  She CAN”T wait for Christmas Eve to put it out!

    We also make ornaments out of paper and paint or color them.  I use two layers of cardstock with a ribbon glued in between.  Use real glue – the glue sticks don’t hold well enough and let them dry before decorating.  Everybody gets one at Christmas.

    We also bake cookies.  My daughter has been making cutouts with “sparkles” since she was 1.  Those are the kind of things I want her to have for Christmas memories and all are frugal.