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Re: Re: Inexpensive Wedding Gifts ($10.00 – $15.00)


    I have bought brand new items at Yard Sales.  Once I found a pretty crystal bowl but it had no box.  I put some useful items like gravy mix and spices inside.  I wrapped them individually in tissue paper.  You could then wrap the bowl in tissue paper.  I covered it first with plastic wrap to keep everything inside.   Basically the same idea as a gift basket but I used the bowl (or you could use a covered box).   I have gotten knife sets for under $10.00.  One other place I have found new items is different Thrift Stores in my area.  Good Will, Salvation Army and others will be listed in the telephone book.  I look in the business section for new stores.  You could also buy quality towel sets (bathroom or kitchen) that match their color skem.  I have also gotten 2 or more wine glasses and given them champagne or sparkling cider for their use after the wedding.  You can find a set of 2 usually at Thrift Stores or Yard Sales that are very inexpensive.  I have gotten glass sets for normal drinking glasses for under $10.00 and baking dishes as well that people will use for years to come.