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Re: Re: Inexpensive Wedding Gifts ($10.00 – $15.00)


    if you are creative you can make a shadow box featuring their wedding invitation or a  wooden plaque that you paint- shellac on the invitation  and then   get creative with some  border word around the edges of the  invitation.

    another neat idea  and very frugal idea is  to find out what their song is they will be dancing to-  and  find the lyrics  on the net –  type them up nice way in a  nice  font and  print it out along with their names and date of their wedding and  frame  depending on thier tastes you can use an assortmant of different  styles of paper to print it out on.

    or can even just frame the sheet music,  maybe “age” it  first in some tea,if its  not too  long  a song and
    has maybe just 2 pages  of music .

    if not creative hit the clearance areas  at   the bigger name usually $$  sept stores   they often have stuff that is 75% off  plus you can sometimes use a  coupon to further your savings .