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Re: Re: Keep my car or trade it in?


    thanks for the Down Under reply, mate!

    Honestly, if I lived in Aussie, I wouldn’t be writing.  You Blokes  :D don’t get any snow compared to us in Pittsburgh, and your public transit was excellent.  For the 3 weeks I was in Australia I didn’t bother with cars at all.  if I lived in Melbourne or Sydney, I wouldn’t own a car – besides, your car prices are about twice what we pay here, and your petrol (gasoline) is about 4 times the cost.  What you pay for a liter, we pay for 4 liters.  And there’s no propane-powered vehicles like you have.

    So, I paid about $12,000 for my brand-new Escort.  Even with the exchange rate, that’s about A$14,000.

    But for me, I *must* have a reliable car.  There really isn’t any public transit whatsoever (the bus in my neighborhood runs twice a DAY), and I’m too far to walk or bike to my work and school.

    However, you bring up a fantastic point:  cars last a heck of a lot longer than 20 years ago.  100,000 miles is just the beginning, and perhaps I should stick that money into some short-term bonds and save it up for a repair bill instead of a new purchase.

    I don’t have to make my decision for another 10 months, so I’m sure I’ll waffle back and forth many many times before then!  :-)