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Re: Re: Keep my car or trade it in?


    By the way I think the Aussie made a lot of good points and should be writing here!!  You wrote you need a good reliable car. Well a 2-3 year old car (or a little older as yours are) can be quite reliable.  I know people in Central Pennsyvania who have vehicles over 10 years old with over 200,00 miles on them.  How you take care of a vehicle and the quality of the company also play a roll.  Go to Consumer Reports and find out the reliability of the vehicles you are considering.  Snow plays a minor roll in how long a vehicle lasts (rust and accidents mostly).  In the desert it’s heat (kills alternators and batteries early) and rain. (Oil acts like ice any time of the year).   How you drive the car, quality (how the company builds it) and maintenance are most of the real factors.  Age alone plays a very minor role as I bet the Aussie knows. Otherwise they wouldn’t have shown the financial logic of buying a less expensive reliable slighly older vehicle.  I appreciated that.  Thanks.