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Re: Re: Keep my car or trade it in?


    Depending on how well the car has been taken care of, it probably has several tens of thousands of miles in it if it has only reached 100,000 miles.  But whatever you do (purchase another car or not), don’t trade it your existing car–sell it yourself as the dealer will always offer you WAY below fair market value!  Every car I have sold (let’s see, there’s been three) I have been able to sell with only a tad more hassle than if I traded the car in.  Since you live in Pittsburgh, I would highly suggest listing your car on Craigslist, which is completely free and highly effective (have purchased and sold several things on there in the SF Bay Area.)  Post as much info as you can in your ad about the car (to minimize the amount of email you receive asking basic questions) and definitely take the time to take (and post) pics, and voila… car will sold in little time.  Good luck!