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    I know these are old posts but the subject is still timely and pertinent. I, too, like several others have posted, believe that my relationship with a vehicle is literally for the long haul. Mine is paid for which is a definite plus over a monthly payment, has been regularly serviced , cleaned and maintained and looks as good as the newest models (even the same body style)though it is almost 5 years old and I bought it over a year ago with almost 100,000 miles on it, the bank had all of the service records. It cost less than one third of the cost of the identical vehicle except a little later model than mine. It gets 34-40 MPG, same as the newer and newest models. I do keep my vehicles until they can no longer go any further usually several hundred thousand miles and they have always provided me with very reliable transportation as I live in a rural area with no public transit and biking is not an option. Too bad they are no longer hitching posts for my horse once we get to town to pick up some necessities at WalMart–hahaha. I do love my Paint. He’s very economical, too. Blessings to all.