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    This is what we did to move from NY to Oregon, it only cost alittle over 2700.00, we used ABF or is it AFB freighters, this is a company that gives you anywhere from 15 to 24 feet of space in one of their trucks, the rest is used for commercial property how they can make it so cheap for regular people. They will park the truck in your driveway from Friday to Monday, you get up to three days to load the truck. My husband and his friend loaded the truck, but you can also put an ad on to find cheap labor, NY we might of had to pay some poor guy 10.00 and hour, but I also put an ad on in Portland, OR and I offered 8.00 an hour and I was swamped with responses, it is free to advertise on These are usually people out of work, since Oregon has a high unemployment rate, it is easy to find people. One guy was a swiss man who had no papers and the other guy was a burly dude. My husbands cousin also came to help us move, Everything was in place in 2 hours and we only had to pay 16.00 to each man, saved a fortune, plus nothing broke on the move, my husband packed everything, very tightly, but since you would be hiring the people, you watch them and get a friend in side to watch them also, I suggest hiring four men, it will be done really quickly and end up costing less, ginny