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    Thank You texas and KD.
    My cat is doing so well. After one week we took her back to the Vet and they could not believe how great she looked.
    She gained one pound to. We will take her back this coming
    week.We love her so much. She is sitting here on the computer desk with me now. I will go to the health food store and get the things that were suggested. I will also
    ask to see if they know of a Holistic Vet.I also learned that she had a heart problem. No Vet has ever told us that she had one.We give her IV of fluids every other day.
    Just a little each time.
    I will do anything I can to keep her comfortable and as healthy as she can be. I am now hoping to help a friend who’s cat has liver disease. Every thing he has tried so far, his cat has turned down. If any one has ideas on this, it would also be great.That baby’s stomach is a little swollen but is acting normal.Just to let everyone know that
    kidney disease is also related to urinary track problems.
    My baby had some problems a long time ago and we put her on
    Purina One Urinary. After reading a lot, almost everything
    mentioned that this type food was about the worse thing to
    give and could cause serious trouble later.Thanks for all your help. :)