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Re: Re: Nail Fungus


    I found this a while back somewhere and filed it for future reference:

    “I heard that vinegar had some healing properties so I decided to
    put it to work on my toe. I  roughed up the nail a bit with an
    emery board, then began soaking my foot in vinegar. Not much, just enough to cover my toes.  I did this about once or twice a week fora few weeks.  Also, I would soak a cotton ball in vinegar, squeeze it out, place it on top of the toenail and adhere it with a Band-Aid. I would do this if I wasn’t leaving the house for an afternoon or before I went to bed at night.

    Literally, within a week I noticed new nail appear, replacing the
    old nail.  My entire big toe had been a mess, but after only a handful of these treatments, my toenail looks completely normal, as if nothing ever happened to it.”