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Re: Re: Nail Fungus


    “dneecie” recommended the Grapefruit Seed Extract for Nail Fungus (or GSE for short) I’m pretty sure this would work wonders and I agree GSE is downright awesome, BUT! you need to be aware of 2 important things when using it. One is to realize it is extremely concentrated & don’t use it in your mouth, or on your face without diluting it, ALOT! or it will do some damage to your skin or mouth.
    The most important thing about GSE is that IF you take it internally it can cause liver damage if you have Hep C, Liver damage or drink much alcohol. I’ve gotten shooting pains in my liver after taking it orally for infections, But I still use it once in a while externally. It’s amazing stuff, it works for anything from fungus to dandruff to preserving natural soap. It’s made from natural Grapefruit seeds. But Be careful, not many know that it can mess with your liver. One more thing about GSE: As grapefruit juice can interfere with medications, so can GSE. and it can be absorbed right through the skin. So educate yourself and be very careful, just because something is “Natural” doesn’t make it harmless!