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Re: Re: Natural antidepressant


    St John’s Wort has been said to be a natural (herbal) antidepressant.  My way of getting out of depression has been to get busy, talk out my problems and then find something to be happy about. I have taken pills but it wasn’t natural.  Too many times pills are given and all you need to do is find a natural high.  I know a lot of you are going to say that isn’t true but I was in a very depressed state for a while.  I finally realized that I needed to enjoy life and stop being down all the time.  Try looking at the glass as half full (not half empty).  I took St John’s Wort for my problems.  I find something almost every day that will make me laugh.  I lost my best friend to cancer when she was 43 so don’t think I haven’t had problems.  I am just sick of people sayig that pills will cure you.  Being down changed some chemicals in your body so find something to be happy about and they may just change back.  Mine did.