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Re: Re: Natural antidepressant


    Feeling depressed is one thing, having clinical depression is another. Most of us will get depressed/sad/blue at some time in our lives. By all means, use the “natural” suggestions above (with a large dose of common sense). Find a friend to talk things through with. If you don’t know why you are feeling depressed talking with a caring therapist could be helpful.

    IF you are having some of the following symptoms, your depression may be clinical and will likely require a medical intervention.

    1]depressed mood most of the day, nearly every day
    2]loss of interest or pleasure in daily activities
    3]decrease or increase in appetite
    4]unable to sleep or sleeping excessively
    5]fatigue or loss of energy
    6]feelings of worthlessness or excessive guilt
    7]unable to think clearly or concentrate
    8]recurrent thoughts of death, thoughts of suicide or suicide attempt  GET HELP IMMEDIATELY

    You only have to have a few of these symptoms to be diagnosed with clinical depression. Clinical depression is a medical illness and medication may be needed to relieve  the symptoms.
    Getting treatment early can increase the chance of full recovery. However, many people with this condition may benefit from long-term medication management just as with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc.

    IF you are having thoughts of death or suicide, SEEK MEDICAL HELP IMMEDIATELY. You need to go to your family doctor, an Emergency Room, your local mental health clinic or counseling center. It’s great if you have a family member or friend to support you through this but you need a professional who is trained and licensed to diagnose and treat clinical depression. IF you go to a medical doctor, in addition to medication ask for a referral to a good therapist such as an LCSW, an LPC, an LAC, an LMFT. Psychiatrists are medical doctors and can prescribe effective medications for depression but few are trained therapists despite what you see on TV. Working with both a doctor and a therapist is the most benefical course of treatment.
    IF you are suffering from any of the distressing symptoms of depression, it is NOT your fault, you are not weak or damaged. You have a treatable medical illness. PLEASE, seek professional help NOW!
    Blessings upon you.