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    You might try spraying with an essential oil spray.  Geranium is one known to keep away mosquitoes, fleas, etc.  Info here:

    You could also use a plug-in atomizer if you've got a plug beneath or beside the window.  The scent should repel them from wanting to come in.  I use AromaBalls around our house for various tasks that I use essential oils for:

    I love all the options of what EO's can do.  You can find more things to use them for here:

    We've been able to eliminate chemical products from our home by using essential oils (EOs).  They are so antimicrobial that I make all my cleaners with them and Sunshine Concentrate:

    Hope that helps.  We had no seeum's in Alabama and they can be a real pest when we were gardening.  We used EOs in aloe vera on our skin to keep our sanity.