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    I've been using cold-pressed olive oil for many years as a moisturizer (facial and body and feet).  I add a favorite essential oil chosen for aroma or having properties that you want for your skin.  I'm in my 60's so I like to use Frankincense since it's good for aging skin.  It is also good for “brain fog” and removing excess energy which is wonderful for nighttime … but I also find that it makes me more peace and calm during the day when I use it in the AM. 
    More info on Essential Oils

    After a shower you can rub on a light coating of olive oil and it is absorbed quickly.  I like to use it after I wash my face at night, then rub some on my arms and legs if dry, and then as I get into bed I do my feet.  I always feel like my body is being transformed overnight.  I use a small pump bottle since you do NOT need much of it .  It spreads easily and lasts a long time.  I use 3 oz. of olive oil and 25 drops of essential oil.  There are a lot of things you can make with essential oils.  Here's some recipes.

    The really cool thing is that I can use this in the summer without feeling all greasy and smothered which is the effect of the creams and lotions. If you have a stuffy nighttime nose, you might want to use Eucalyptus.  Clary Sage is good for dry skin. 

    Another cool thing is that it's so inexpensive since a bottle of essential oils is the cost of a jar of face cream and sometimes less depending on what you choose.  100% pure oils are necessary though, if you want more than just the scent.  Some essential oils are sold with the bottle being mostly cheap oil.  A quality product will give you the results you want since the properties are there and not watered or oiled down.