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Re: Re: Organizing a Home Office


    You’re on the right track, just take it a step further.
    Depending on the volume of accounts or documents you have, you may want to use file folders (preferably hanging ones)
    instead. Then start your categories – Utilities (water, electric, gas, propane, etc), Recurring payments (car, loans, mortgage), bank statements, tax records, etc. Oyut of sight, out of mind is fine as long as you can retrieve the information if and when you do need it. As far as utility, loan (or car) and mortgage payments – those don’t get “filed” unless they get paid first. I have one of those desk organizers that have slots for every day of the month, you may not want to be that granulated – weekly should be fine. File the invoices or bills slightly prior to their due dates to allow for mailing time. Pay each according to the dates they fall by. If you do on-line payments, my preference, mark on each bill – the payment confirmation number, date it scheduled, the bank account that it was scheduled from (or likewise, the site that you scheduled it from). You get the picture, then file the in the appropriate accordian fold or folder. You can even add in unsigned cards for birthdays, anniversaries, or “hello”s you would like to send periodically to loved ones. Especially our elderly relatives. This is in-a-nutshell, but I’m sure once you get rolling, additional tweaks and ideas will come to you easily. Any system takes some discipline, but you’ll be fine. Good luck to you