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Re: Re: Razors


    This isn’t on the subject of razors, but about shaving cream:  I’ve often been guilty of buying conditioners that just do wacky things to my hair, like leave it too dry, or whatever the case, and then I have no idea what to do with them.  And, a couple months ago I switched to entirely paraben-free body lotions, so I literally have a bathroom cabinet full of:  shaving cream!  You can use lotion or conditioner as shaving cream and, in fact, in my latest in-shower experiment, the leg I shaved with an old bottle of Dove bronzing lotion had fewer nicks than the one to which I applied traditional shaving gel.  
    Sometimes you’ll even get a better ‘price per unit’ if you buy a huge bottle of lotion or conditioner that is really, really marked down at somewhere like Big Lots.