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    i hope you don’t think i was criticizing your bathing procedures… i was really just curious.  everyone has their own opinions and i’m always interested in what works for others.

    fyi, though, i have a chihuahua (6) and minpin (3) who sleep with me, and neither of them have had a bath their entire lives (except for the rolling-in-the-stinky-thing-in-the-yard episodes).  and my bigger dogs (2 akitas, a lab, a dobe mix, and a brittany spaniel mix) are house dogs, too, who rarely, if ever, have been bathed.  i think our beloved pets have the natural ability to clean themselves (i can bury my face in my akita’s fur and she smells fresh as a daisy, too)  :D

    i don’t say this to argue your bathing routine, but to point out to others that frequent bathing *may not* be necessary.  as i mentioned about my ferrets, i can attest to the fact that bathing them more frequently actually increases the odor produced by their glands, and i’m convinced from my 25+ years of pet ownership (and rare bathing) that bathing is not always necessary.

    again, please understand i’m not arguing with what works for you… in keeping with the topic of being “frugal” however, i have one bottle of pet shampoo in my cupboard that has lasted me for years, not to mention the savings in my water bill!  ;)

    please give your baby a hug for me!