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    ;DNo offense taken, Zoomama!  Wow, that’s quite a family you have there!!  I bet you need to find ways to save a buck here and there!  I got a 2nd pup 5 days ago, a Heinz 57 little girl, only 3 months old.  Spanky, my large Maltese (15 pounds) is a rescue and this new pup, to keep him company while I work is a pound puppy.  I’m getting too old to raise a puppy.  It would be okay if I could be here to train her, but having to be at work makes it tough.  I think she’s going to eat me out of house and home, too!  I’ve always had just one, but took this giant step and hope it works out okay.  I really love my pup, Spanky (4 years old) and will one day love Lucy too! haha  Another controversial subject that people tend to feel strongly about is what they feed their dogs.  I feel that doing some cooking for your dogs, if that’s what you want to do, doesn’t hurt anything.  I know many who thing if it isn’t “dog food” then it isn’t good for them.  I feed “dog food” and supplement with boiled chicken breast.  Also, I tend to share bites of what I’m eating, too.  I’m a softie!  Not CHOCOLATE though, as just 3 oz. of bakers chocolate can kill a pup 20 pounds or less.  I moderate a pets board on another site and know that folks have strong opinions about caring for their pets–as do I.  But the main thing for sure is that we give them good care and proper nutrition and lots and lots of love!!! ;)