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Re: Re: Replacing car


     My car has 213,000 miles on it. We’ve had some transmission work done and I just had a driver’s side CV boot and axle replaced. Other than a paint job a few years ago and some work on the transmission, no major repairs. I do change the oil every 3,000 miles and the engine is very quiet. It does use a quart of oil with each oil change, but I can deal with that.
     When we bought the car, we also bought the life and disability insurance. Two months later, my husband went on disability and the car was paid off by the insurance.I’ve been told to never take the insurance but that is the second time I’ve heard of someone using the insurance.
     I’m going to drive my car as long as I can find parts. I do have a wonderful mechanic who can diagnose a problem, fix it in one day and I have no further problems. I’ve used him for over 15 years. He is honest and knows what he is doing.
     My opinion, keep the old car. One repair on my car is only 1/2 of what a car payment would be per month.