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Re: Re: Saving tips Needed


    Dear Shyli,

    You appear to be saying that you have wasted money, but that you are not in debt.  There are two issues here – what you do from now on to save money and what you do with the things you have bought.  

    You can sort out the things you bought and either donate them to family, thrift shops or organize a garage sale.  

    With regard to budgetting, perhaps you won’t mind my telling you about my “system”.  I keep simple accounts in a cashbook.  I also have a monthly budget, which I set and review annually.  The monthly budget includes all my fixed expenses and a certain sum for daily expenses (food, newspapers, dry cleaning and so on).  I write everything down in the cashbook.  Every week I draw out of the bank the sum I have decided upon for my daily expenses.  I do shopping with a shopping list.  I take advantage of special offers in the grocery store – but only things I know I like and will use.  I am not mean to myself, but if I can’t afford something I don’t buy it.  My budget even contains a small amount of “going out” money and a “Christmas Fund” for holidays and gifts.  I put aside a regular, not large but regular, sum of money into my savings account each month and anything that is left at the end of the week from my daily expenses is also put into my savings account.  You will be surprised how soon it all mounts up.

    Most importantly – remember life is to be enjoyed.  You can be frugal but not miserly.  Instead of seeing “cutting back” as a chore, try to see it as a game, where the prize is a healthier bank balance and peace of mind.

    Have fun.