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    These may sound a little weak but… Several years ago I started shopping in thrift stores. At first it was something to kill time (while waiting for a child to get out of karate). The things I noticed were that it satisfied my urge to window shop and I was finding very expensive clothes in excellent condition. I dress better from the thrift stores than I did when I was paying retail at the mall.  I also buy many of my household items at yard sales and auctions. I have used many “pre-owned” appliances over the years and have had no complaints.  If I need to buy something new I shop scratch and dent places (furniture & appliances) or factory outlets (everything else).  When it comes to my house I am somewhat of a snob. I am really picky about quality. I have found that the difference between 300 count sheets in the outlet store and the department stores is about $50 per set. I embellish them using lace that I’ve bought at auction, close out or yard sales. For the cost of two (outlet sheets) I can make a duvet cover for a high quality but ugly or worn duet/comforter purchased for a couple of dollars at a yard sale. I make many of the gifts I give. There are many great things you can do that are not the standard “craft class” gift.
    If you not already know how to do so, learn to cook really well. Many excellent dishes are actually made from very simple ingredients. Look around to see where things are the cheapest. Read grocery ads. It is worth you while to determine who has the best overall prices (exclusive of sales). I made a list of ten or fifteen items and visited the stores in my area. I was interested in the regular price I would have paid that day for items I usually buy. If you do not already know the best ways to store food, learn them.  The frugal lifestyle means you live well by taking control of where your money goes. Once you embrace it you find that it is terrific fun.