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Re: Re: Saving tips Needed


    Trudy wrote: These may sound a little weak but… Several years ago I started shopping in thrift stores.

    Not at all Trudy! I do the same. I’m the guy that gets by on very little and doesn’t window shop. However, I find that temptation lurks there in the thrift store as well! I’ve stopped going in there unless I REALLY need something. There are so many ‘goodies’ that I find I buy too many things I don’t need.
    I wish I had all the money I’ve spent in thrift stores. You
    know, EVERYONE says they need to save money, regardless of their income. My oldest daughter and her husband make over $60K a year and are constantly talking about needing to save money! Yet when I visit them I keep seeing new items ‘sprouting’ up all over. Sure, we make money[most of us :'(  ]  and should be able to buy things when we want them. We claim we ‘deserve’ them because we’re ‘worth it’…..sort of like a haircolor commercial!   ;D

    I know some of you are saying “$60K a year isn’t much
    money!” Folks, I’ll tell you that it seems like a ‘king’s ransom’ to me! Please appreciate what you have, OK?

    Now, here’s another tip….When you see something you
    feel you ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE, stop for a minute and
    think. If you buy this item at this ‘great’ price, what are
    you going to do with it when you get home? Is it going into
    the bureau drawer or on the top shelf of the closet? I
    know you like it and want it, but DO YOU NEED IT? If the
    answer is NO, I don’t, then WALK AWAY! Don’t go into the
    store to begin with! When grocery shopping at Wal*Mart
    or elsewhere, DO NOT roam all over the store to see what
    else you might need.  Don’t go in for a loaf of bread and come out with 3 or 4 sacks full of stuff.  :o  

    Now, if your last name is Gates and your husband makes computers, just ignore this whole post.   ;D

                                               Bill R.