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    I would start a price book .  You should get a notebook and list the items you buy regularly.  Then start taking notes.  Write down the normal price next to the item and the size of the container.  Now when it goes on sale note the price and what size container.  Then next time it’s on sale you will know if it’s a bargain or just a smaller size.  I recently saw tuna fish on sale 3 cans for a $1.00. (Basically a normal sale price here in Nevada.)  Well the other day I was in Food for Less and it was on sale for 29 cents a can.  I bought 24 cans.  A savings of over 3 cents a can or at least 72 cents. Make sure you will use the product.  It isn’t a bargain if you it just sits on your shelf.  I knew it was a real bargain because I had noted the normal sale price in my price book.  That may not seem like a lot of money but it will pay for a cheap bottle of shampoo that will last me for 6 months or more.  I use olive oil to soften my hair and replenish the moisture.

    I use the end of the shampoo by adding water and using that to prewash my hair. Thus I use less full strength shampoo each time I clean my hair because I need less shampoo.  I also use cheap hair conditioner to shave my legs instead of buying shaving cream.  Some men use a bar of soap and a brush to apply it but this seems less irritating to me.