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    Regarding dryer sheets they can be cut into forth’s and still do the job.  Then use them to dust your furniture before throwing them out.  Also vinegar will remove any excess soap (if you make a mistake and add too much) from your clothes, remove static cling and soften them if you need to soften your clothes.  Personally I wash them, then pull out excess wrinkles, by hand and hang my clothes to dry.   I also air dry my clothes (most times) for a second wearing before washing them.  Play clothes can be worn even more days.  As a result I only do 2 loads (at the most) a week for 2 people.  Washing by hand eliminates some of the laundry as well.  I wash underwear by hand all week then do it in the machine once a week to realy clean them  As a result I was 4 pairs for 2 people once a week.