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Re: Re: scorpions


    The easiest solution will only work if you live in a farm/rural situation. That solution is Giunea hens.  They’ll eat anything that crawls before it gets in your house.  For apartment and suburban solutions I reccomend re-weather stripping all doors and windows. Use draft stoppers(thin styrofoam sheets cut to fit) under all electrical outlet covers, celling boxes, and switchplates, and spray,spray,spray.  Pay special attention to fireplaces, etc.
    Don’t expect speedy results.  I’ve been told that it can take three weeks to a month for those little suckers to die from the sprays – and they can still sting in the meantime! I’d also lay down gluetraps in corners to moniter the population’s hopeful drop, or let me know if I missed an opening.  
    Good Luck