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Re: Re: shower cleaning spray


    There are a couple of suggestions I have.  One is to use vinegar.  The odor will disappear as it dries.  It is an anti-fungal.  I used to have mold on the bottom of my shower mat.  Since I have started using vinegar to rinse my hair (instead of conditioner which builds up) and also a rinse for my body the mold has not come back.   Also, I use TKO orange (a natural cleaner) for most of my cleaning.  You can clean anything but plexiglass with it. I do not sell it!!  I have found it to be a great cleaner with a clean scent.  So many cleaners have cancer causing chemicals and many make me sick to smell. I am trying to stay away from all chemicals that I can.  If you need a bit of scouring you can use baking soda.  It is also good for odors.   I put baking soda and vinegar in my drains to keep them free flowing.  Vinegar will take off hard water deposits.  I put cotton around my faucets and soak with vinegar.  When I come back a bit later–I can wipe the mineral deposits off with no problem.