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Re: Re: skin care


    I think skin care is one of the most successful industries seperating people from their money!

    I was a victim for years. After trying everything from cheap to really expensive, I went to a dermatologist and just put it out there : what should I do?

    The dermatologist told me to wash with a mild soap like Dove or Oil of Olay unscented with hands only, face and body. Wash the face morning and evening. Use Oil of Olay Complete unscented daily on face and neck for sun protection (a mild, light moisturizer with SPF 15 – there are a few other brands out there). The derm precsribed Differin cream for my face to prevent acne and even out skin tone, apply a little every evening.

    For dry hands, feet, and body, I use Cetaphil cream, only as needed! I like the cream because a little goes a very long way, it won’t irritate my face if it gets transferred accidentally, and it really works.

    The truth is, the skin is an organ and much of the stuff we want to do to it interferes with its function. Additionally, the derm told me that except for sun exposure, practically nothing we do will counter our genetic predisposition.

    This good advice hasn’t stopped me from being suckered by the benefits of myriad other products (including cheap or natural remedies), but they only make my skin act up, and I’m learning to be strong!

    (Sorry for the long post – this topic has wasted more of my time and money than I wish on anyone. I hope it helps!)