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Re: Re: snack baskets




    1 bag mini pretzels (should contain about 3 or 4 dozen)
    2 c. strawberry or vanilla yogurt
    5 c. confectioners sugar

    While heating oven to 250 degrees, gradually mix sugar into yogurt in large bowl.  Dip pretzels into yogurt mixture (chopsticks work well as dipping tools,) then place on a wire rack with a cookie sheet or foil underneath to catch drips.  When all the pretzels are coated, place the wire rack and cookie sheet/foil in the oven, then turn off the oven.  Leave pretzels in the oven for three or four hours until the coating hardens.  Remove pretzels from the oven and place in snack baggies or store in an airtight container.  The dipped pretzels should stay crisp for a few days.