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Re: Re: spraying cats……..


    I am interested in this feliway spray… what is it and I am assuming you get it at petstores? I will look it up after I finish this reply.

    I got to thinking and I thought maybe they are doing it
    because I have adopted some strays that come in and eat here. They don’t really stay in the house though,
    they just sort of come in and eat and then go back out.

    I thought maybe they were spraying their territory so
    that the strays wouldn’t come in. Because they are
    both fixed and I can’t remember either of them spraying
    before….. could that be what the problem is?

    Both of my cats are very  protective of me,their master,
    and they don’t want any other cats in their territory so
    maybe all in all it is merely a territorial thing.

    What do you all think?