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    This is definitly a late reply, 2 years after the original. I cannot read these posts without sharing my own excitement over my stackable front load washer and dryer! This has been my all time greatest appliance investment. These washers use half the water. You can stuff them full and do double loads and your clothes still come out clean. My front loader will actually pay for itself within 10 years from reduced water, sewage and electric bills. They are also super quiet!

    About that detergent. May I suggest using the same powder as a regular machine but cut the amount in half. It works fine.

    The Frigidaire and GE models from a couple of years ago have a dryer capacity of 5.7 cu ft. Although the washer is capable of double loads, the smaller dryer size seems to increase the likelyhood of wrinkles. Opt for the larger dryer if possible. The Maytag frontloader is all bells and whistles but it does do a great job…you pay for it through the nose though.

    Thanx for letting me share!