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Re: Re: Stoneware


    Our local Walmart type store – called Meijer – sells them.  They are much cheaper than pampered chef and they appear to be the same exact thing.   I believe I’ve also seent them in Walmart otherwise trying shopping online at Meijer, you can find it doing a google search.  

    Another suggestion would be to host a pampered chef party.  DH used to do that alot – he got the entire grill set from a show and from a few others I got the cookie press, a vegetable tray that turns into a deviled egg serving tray, the ice cream scoop and tons of other cool things and the only thing we ever purchased was the ingrediants for the recipe the consultant was going to make at the party.  They are alot of work though so you may just want to shop your local stores to see if you can find them.

    Good Luck